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Please contact our Sales Department if you wish to become an affiliate. Advertising options may be available. offers a collection of advanced monitoring and notification services designed to enhance residential and business security and automation systems. has partnered with GE Security to develop an advanced solution that is highly functional, easy to deploy, and user-friendly.

Ideal for a Number of Applications and Customer Types

Homes or business desiring a robust, line-cut-proof security system
Households with active children and teenagers
Second homes, vacation homes, remote home monitoring
Elderly parent/grandparent monitoring
Homes without land-based phone lines ("cell-phone only" homes)
Homes that utilize housekeeping, repair, babysitter or other recurring in-home services
Boats, mobile homes, and RVs
Apartments and dormitories
Small to medium-sized retail businesses and chains
Businesses with specialized custom security or monitoring needs's Advanced Technology uses 2-way wireless technology and onsite data-mining to analyze and transmit data activity data as it is reported by the customer's security system. Whether the system is armed or disarmed,'s onsite processor is aware of all sensor and panel activity and can transmit this data to's state-of-the-art Network Operations Center. Because the system is always online with the wireless network and never has to dial up to make a connection, it is significantly faster than landline and cellular communication channels.

Once activity data is transmitted to, it is processed and stored. Event information can be sent to the customer via phone or e-mail in real-time according to the customer's notification settings. A Web-based user interface allows the customer to maintain complete control of the system at any time.

Secure, Wireless System does not require a phone line or any other wired communication channel to transmit signals between the customer's control panel and the Network Operations Center. Even if a phone line is cut during a break-in, signals will be sent to and can be forwarded to a Central Station for alarm verification and if necessary, police or fire department dispatch. Transmits More Than Just Alarms provides residents and business owners with remote, real-time electronic views of events taking place secured premises, without the intrusion of a camera.'s stringent data security and information privacy policies assure that only the customer will be able to view this data.

Customers can access activity reports from any web-connected computer, PDA or phone:

A mother receives an e-mail alert at work when her child arrives home from school.
A granddaughter is notified on her PDA if her elderly grandparent did not get out of bed.
A family remotely changes the temperature of their vacation home and monitors the arrival and departure times of the cleaning crew via the web.
A father is alerted with a message to his cell phone if someone opens his liquor cabinet.
A shop owner remotely monitors the exact time his employees arrive and leave work, and views an online report indicating which areas of his store are getting the most traffic during business hours.

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