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Customize your home security system according to your specific needs. Whether you're shopping for a non-intrusive senior monitoring package, a flexible family monitoring plan, or an alternative to a phoneline-based security system, has just the thing you're looking for.

You can use to keep track of your home while you�re at work or traveling from any computer or PDA with web access. Arm and disarm the system, control your lights and thermostat, program user codes, and more� from anywhere in the world. Automated e-mail and phone notifications let you know when doors or cabinets open, and when motion activity is detected.

Use to monitor activity on: Pool Gates, Liquor Cabinets, Gun Cabinets, Safes, Entry Doors, Ground-Level and Bedroom Windows, Mailboxes, Closets and more. is a great solution for primary homes and vacation properties.

Approximately 30% of's customers are small business owners, managers of chain stores, and branch office or branch warehouse managers. is ideally suited for these applications because it provides the business manager or owner significantly more security information without a lot of additional expense.

With, business owners can check on the security of their facilities from home or when traveling by logging into the website from any web browser. Business owners can also arm and disarm the system remotely and easily set up or delete user codes. Real-time automated phone and e-mail notifications let business owners know about alarms, arming/disarming events, power failures, low batteries, and much more. Scheduled Arming/Disarming Activity E-Mail Reports summarize all arming and disarming activity for the week, including the panel user ID and name of the person who armed or disarmed the system.

With "Normal Activity Monitoring", the business proprietor benefits from an additional set of capabilities. Normal Activity Monitoring allows the customer to track sensor openings and closings on doors, windows, cabinets, closets or safes (any place a magnetic contact can be installed). The customer can also monitor motion activity reported by any motion sensor. Each time a Normal Activity sensor reports activity, the customer can be notified via e-mail and text message. Normal Activity events are reported 24 hours a day, even when the system is disarmed. Scheduled Normal Activity E-Mail Reports summarize all activity reported by the Normal Activity door and motion sensors, including which sensors are most active and when.

Use to monitor activity on: Entry Doors, Back Doors and Loading Areas, Warehouses and Storage Rooms, Closets, Offices, Safes and more.

All systems are built with's line-cut-proof wireless signal forwarding technology. Even if the phone-line is cut or damaged (or if there is no phone line at all), alarm signals are transmitted wirelessly to and can be forwarded to the customer�s central monitoring station.

Other Applications for include Boats, Recreational Vehicles, Multi-family Homes, Construction Trailers, Model Homes, New Construction Homes (prior to closing), Barns and Stables-an security system can be installed anywhere that has access to a power source. No phone line is required!*

*Note: Approximately 85% of the continental US population is within an wireless coverage area. services are also available in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada and the US Virgin Islands. Contact Us to find out about coverage in your area.