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The customer had been subscribing to traditional monitoring services since his three teenage children were small. He was satisfied with central station alarm monitoring and felt he would be protected in real emergencies.

The customer wanted to add a monitoring service that would provide more data and interaction on a daily basis. In particular, the customer was interested in something to help monitor the comings and goings of his three children so he wouldn't have to wait up late at night to make sure they came home on time.

The customer researched several do-it-yourself options. These included video and PC-based monitoring, among others. The customer felt that video was much too invasive, and that the PC-based services would not be a good choice because his family's PC was not always on and had a tendency to freeze up spontaneously. Solution's Normal Activity monitoring, included in the Advanced Interactive Plan, provided the customer with the level of activity detail he was seeking, without invading the privacy or personal space of his children.

With 10 Normal Activity door/windows included in the package, the customer was able to monitor activity on all the main entry/exit doors in his home, his ground level windows, and the liquor cabinet. Normal Activity signals are transmitted to even when the system is disarmed, which meant the customer would have 24x7 coverage.

The customer turned on automated e-mail notifications for his liquor cabinet so he could find out if someone had opened it when he was out. He also created User Codes for each of his kids, so he could see what time they came home at night and disarmed the system. By monitoring the interior doors and the bedroom windows, the customer was able to see when his kids' friends left, and if any unexpected visitors were in the house late at night.