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The customers were a young couple who had recently bought their first home. Although they were sure that they wanted a monitored security system to protect their new family and their valuables, they had not intended to use the landline phone connection in their house. Both customers were accustomed to using cell phones exclusively and believed that the land-based phone line was an extra and unnecessary expense in their limited budget.

The customers called several local alarm companies. They were disappointed to learn that none offered a solution that was 100% wireless. The alarm companies offered wireless alarm backup as an addition to traditional phone-based monitoring, but these wireless technologies were not designed to be the primary and exclusive channel for alarm signal communication to a central station. Solution was a good fit for these customers in several ways:

  1. With, the customers were able to have central station monitoring without the need for a land-based phone line. The difference between wireline and wireless alarm reporting was transparent to the customers, because full alarm details are still sent from the the home to, and then on to the central monitoring station.
  2.'s wireless link transfers alarms faster than the phone line, so the customers can get a faster response in the case of a real emergency than they would with a land-based phone connection.
  3. Because both customers were active users of the Internet while at work, they also wanted the ability to remotely arm and disarm their system, program user codes, and monitor when the au pair came and went with the baby.