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The customers were a retired Virginia couple that had recently bought a second home in West Palm Beach, where they would go to vacation for a few days each month. Because the house was a significant investment for them, the couple had a higher-end security system installed as soon as they bought the home. The system was monitored by a major central station.

The customers were looking for a way to keep track of people who were allowed to be in the house when they weren't there. They had a housekeeper who visited the house once a week, a local repairman that could enter the house for check-ups and to perform repairs, a pool service company that sent technicians over to clean and maintain the swimming pool, and a neighbor who came over to water the plants. Solution

Alarm's Advanced Interactive Plan was able to meet the customers' needs in numerous ways:

  1. All arming and disarming events, including user code information, are reported in real-time to By setting up automated e-mail notifications to alert them whenever the system was armed or disarmed, the customers would know if someone was in the house when they should not have been, or if someone who was scheduled to be there never arrived.
  2. Normal Activity monitoring allowed the customers to track where visitors went while inside the house. The customers would know if a guest went into an "unauthorized" area, room or cabinet.
  3. Real-time notifications for water leakage and power failure help the customers prevent damage to their house even when they are hundreds of miles away.
  4. The customers used Light Automation to schedule their interior lights. Light schedules create the appearance that the house is occupied, and deters would-be burglars.
  5. With Thermostat Control, the customers were able to control the temperature of their home remotely, reducing unnecessary energy consumption and saving money on their energy bill.
  6. The fact that uses a 100% wireless connection to communicate events meant that even a savvy burglar could not disable their security system by cutting the phone line. This provided the customers added peace of mind.