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The customer had a hard-wired system installed in the home for more than 20 years, that protected all the windows, the two entry doors, and the main living areas. The system had been monitored by a major central monitoring station.

During this time, the house was successfully broken into three times, even though the system was armed. In each case, the intruders dug up the phone line, snipped it, and proceeded to loot the home. The intruders were never caught.

Ultimately, the customer decided to cancel central monitoring services, and chose to rent out the lower floor of her house in order to deter would-be intruders. This proved effective, and the house has not been monitored since then.

Because the customer is older and lives alone, she was interested in a system that would protect her and alert her family if something was wrong. However, she wanted to make sure that an alarm signal would be sent from her home even if the phone line was cut. Solution was a good fit for this customer in several ways:

  1. systems do not use the phone line for signal communication, therefore the customer did not have to worry about the phone line being cut.
  2.'s `Normal Activity' door and motion sensor monitoring made it possible for the customer's family to check on her without invading her privacy.
  3.'s automated, customized notifications ensured that family members, friends and neighbors would be notified in the case of a personal emergency or a traditional alarm situation.